What is Bitcoin Era?

In recent years, smart traders have made millions, but inexperienced traders have suffered heavy losses.
However, the use of crypto trading bots and other technological advances have given inexperienced users access to smart trading strategies. The main problem here is that most traders are not aware of the existence of such algorithms and miss out on the successful traders who have this knowledge.

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What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading robot that uses an exceptionally revolutionary algorithm to make profits on behalf of the investor. The Immediate Edge app can also be used for forex trading and binary options trades. Due to its automation, the individual purchases and sales are remarkably fast and accurate, making high profits possible.

Regardless of the direction in which prices are currently moving, the algorithm works to identify trading options quickly and efficiently. Due to the high volatility on the crypto market, it is particularly important to correctly identify a movement trend, which explains the success rates of Bitcoin Era users.

In the app, the account holder can select which cryptocurrency he prefers for his trades. In addition, settings for stop-loss strategies can also be modified.

Features and functionality

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Who is behind Bitcoin Era?

The experienced trader Edwin James and his team are behind the Bitcoin Era Cryptobot. He has used his fortune to trade both binary options and cryptocurrencies. In order to reveal more about what makes a good investor to an interested readership, James revealed the secret that he is the inventor of Bitcoin Era on the app’s webpage.

He was also keen to give inexperienced traders the opportunity to make money successfully through automated crypto and binary options trading. In fact, James promises anyone who deposits money with Bitcoin Era the chance to make instant profits.

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Opinions about Bitcoin Era

I had assumed that success always requires hard work. That’s why I didn’t believe in the concept behind Bitcoin Era at first. In fact, I was surprised by how much hard work had gone into the development of Bitcoin Era. For some time now, I have been using the software to supplement my salary to the point where I am finally able to save for the future.

Advantages and disadvantages


Automated trading: Bitcoin Era has an „auto-trading“ option. So you can trade without having much experience.
Transparent trading: Your trades can be tracked clearly. You can also monitor your deposits and withdrawals.
Mobile and PC support: Bitcoin Era supports iOS smartphones and Android.
Track market signals in real time: You have access to trends and market signals around the clock and can thus better monitor your profits.
Various payment options: Payment methods such as credit card, direct debit and other online payment processors are accepted.


It is not possible to choose a preferred broker, even if you would like to choose a specific broker. The Immediate Edge app simply assigns you one. However, these brokers determined by the system are subject to regulation and are always reputable.


Our tests of Bitcoin Era have shown that the trading bot is quick, easy and safe to use. It is a really recommendable tool to earn money with.

How does Bitcoin Era compare to other bots?

We believe that the crypto app Bitcoin Era is an excellent trading bot and in many cases performs better than some of its competitors. However, there are plenty of other bots to choose from. In any case, we are of the opinion that we can recommend Bitcoin Era without reservation.